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Consulting with Purpose

Tallis understands the complex, real-world issues facing changemakers who work in the social and environmental sectors. She has used a systems thinking approach for the last 20 years to unravel difficult problems and make them resolvable. She helps both individual and organizational clients to find clarity, motivation, and the capacity to create and maintain effective relationships as they work towards their goals.

Following a Master’s degree in Livestock Production and a diploma in Economics, Tallis pioneered new strategies for improved food security in sub-Saharan Africa. During 20 years of United Nations, governmental and NGO work, she addressed the complex challenges of chronic hunger in drought prone areas, low agricultural productivity, and failed investments in marginalized rural communities.

Recognizing that barriers to policy and programme change were primarily about people and relationships, she sought a greater understanding of human emotions and communications. She soon found ways to support stakeholders who struggled to find common ground and align towards shared project goals. Her expertise was in creating effective pathways and partnerships to break through barriers that blocked progress.

To gain additional tools, she began training in Systemic Constellations in 2012 and subsequently trained under Cecilio Fernandez Regojo, Jane Peterson, Emily Blefeld, Dan Cohen, Nikki Mackay and Annie Cariapa. She added further training in related disciplines, including Systems Thinking, Compassionate Enquiry (under Gabor Mate), Non-Violent Communication, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

These tools have set the foundation for her professional approach. Tallis is passionate about using her skills, experience and including her intuitive capacity to help every one of her clients overcome complex challenges and forge a positive path.

Her specialty is working with people who are ready to take on their biggest challenges and say, ‘I’m up for it’, but can’t put their finger on what lies between them and realizing their vision.

  • If you feel the weight of an inspiring vision that can’t get off the ground, Tallis helps develop radical clarity around your own purpose and the course of actions that will take you forward.


  • If you find yourself isolated or alone with a task, Tallis will support you to create connections for collaboration and investment to define and actualize your goals/objectives.


Applying principles of positive transformation, Tallis will support you to become fully connected with your authentic self, to reach through confusion and develop confidence in your judgement. Working together, you can turn problems that might seem too difficult into tasks that are straightforward and clear.

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