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Consulting Services

Systemic coaching for individuals

You belong to numerous systems which each have their own organizing principles and operating patterns. Whether within a family, business or other social system, the first step towards gaining a positive and natural flow is learning to recognize how the principles of belonging, precedence and balance are at work. Though often hidden, when we can perceive how these systemic influences operate, we can better move with these currents and fulfill our responsibilities with ease and satisfaction, and enjoy the results of our achievements.

Tallis is skilled in the use of highly effective process techniques that access these otherwise hidden principles and patterns. With her expert guidance, clients transform obstacles into pathways for professional and personal empowerment. By employing systemic constellations and compassionate inquiry, she draws out the body’s intuitive wisdom to help you uncover insights into challenging issues with clarity and confidence.


Systemic constellations bring both understanding and healing in a direct and clear way. During a session we will identify the essential parts of a problem and explore how they relate to each other. New understanding will emerge that will enable you to see the situation in a new light, take appropriate action and achieve fulfilment and ease in your work.

What You Can Expect from Working with Tallis:


  • Develop empathetic communication skills and transform relationships with colleagues



  • Gain insight into the dynamics of complex work scenarios


Decision Making

  • Learn to understand your own core values and motivations, how to relate them to work challenges, clear away distractions and find your way quickly to progressive decisions


Multi-stakeholder Processes

  • Use diplomacy and harmonization with other institutions, understand the needs of others and build mutually beneficial partnerships

Finding Ease and Flow

  • Release hidden loyalties to patterns that block your ability to achieve your goals in life and work

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Systemic Constellation Session

One session - around 1.5 hours

£90 / U$125 per session

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Systemic Constellation package

Package of 5 sessions - £420 / U$ 575
Receive email support between sessions for an additional £100 / U£130 per month

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Systemic Consulting Custom Packages

This could include the following sessions, to be discussed and agreed depending on your needs:

~ Systemic Constellation Sessions (£85 / U$115 each) 

~ Breakthrough Intensives for Goal Setting, Strategic Planning, and Project Design (3 hours at £250 / U$345)

~ Systemic Consulting on Attracting Funding, Networking, and Presenting ((£100 / U$140 per session)

~ Email Support for Project Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation etc (£200/ U$260 per month

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