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Gain insight into your challenges and resolve them with clarity and confidence, and achieve fulfilment and ease at work and at home

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I am deeply grateful to you Tallis. In each of our sessions I loved the grounding meditation you did with me which you intuitively perceived I really needed. I was going through so much change. Your voice in the meditation really earthed, softened and nurtured me. I felt so understood and heard by you. You really pinpointed the challenges clearly and got quickly to the healing movement. I felt so held by you in our sessions. You facilitate with such nurture. My sessions with you have been very powerful in supporting me to make steps forward to a new role and a wonderful new company which is far more aligned with my own values. I feel I have become stronger, more assertive and clearer on what I want. Keep doing the work you do. The world needs facilitators like you to empower people and to make a difference. Again many thanks, for the amazing support & facilitation

Maria, Product Group Manager

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Recently, I asked Tallis if she could help me with a difficult decision. I’d met her a few months before and was impressed by her calm, clear presence and her capacity for reflective listening. I was confident that she could help, but I wasn’t sure how a Zoom consultation would work.
We met online for two sessions, both lasting about 75 minutes. First, she helped me visualise where I would like to be in my life; then, we progressively moved through different layers of feelings and emotions relating to the decision, including people, places, and memories. The movement through these layers was natural and easy. She held the space for feelings to rise and guided me through them in a subtle and kind way, without imposing her own views. After the first session, I felt heard, held, and both energised and exhausted; after the second session, I felt calm and knew the answer to my predicament.
The fascinating part of the process is that it has continued beyond those two sessions, I really didn’t expect this. Now I have a clear feeling tone to direct me in other kinds of decision making. Tallis helped me connect with a deep intuitive place that I didn’t trust before. This has had a huge impact. I feel relaxed and patient when I look towards the future. I feel love and gratitude for those who influence me whereas before I felt burdened by them. I have reconnected with joy. A part of my inner spirit has become free.
I’m not sure how it happened, but this is a reflection of Tallis’ skill and experience in constellation therapy. She is a facilitator in the true sense of the word.

Fran, Plant Ecologist

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